Voice of the morning
You bounced from the grass
And once on the table
Your marble eye cast
Over our picnic,
As if to say:
“I’ve come dressed to dine
So let’s not delay!”

Black and white bird
With a shimmer of green
Such confident gatecrashing
I haven’t seen.
Your throaty vocal
Warbles away:
“I said, let’s eat without delay!”

So you joined us for lunch
And we ate very well
You praised with your thanks:
“The meal was just swell.”
Perhaps we shall see you<
One of these days
Continued success
With your gatecrashing ways.

© Jim Low


Smoky Dawson Remembered


It was with great sadness that I heard that Smoky Dawson had died. I am one of the many Australians whose lives were touched by this remarkable man.

Smoky first rode into my life on the radio airwaves, astride his palomino, the wonder horse Flash. As a child in the 1950s, there was no better way to spend a Thursday evening than glued to the radio listening to another adventure of “Hup, Flash, hup, hup, hup… Smoky Dawson”.

I met Smoky later in life and found him to be a humble, gentle man with a passion for life and a readiness for a chat. He leaves behind a valuable legacy in the songs he wrote, many about Australia, its people and history. I believe that we are all richer for the lives led by people such as Smoky.

Back in 1988 I wrote a song about Smoky, The Man with the Smile and Song .

I have also included a link to an article I wrote in 2004.