Another Hawkesbury Wander


Some time ago I read that there was a model made by John Grono, the pioneer Hawkesbury shipbuilder, and it could be found in the Hawkesbury Regional Museum at Windsor, New South Wales. Not seeing the model on previous visits, I made a point of looking for it the next time I was there.

On a recent visit in January, I viewed the items on display but could not find Grono’s model ship. On inquiry I learnt that it was in the museum’s collection but currently not on display. I was informed that the model, a favourite in the museum’s collection, had been in a recent exhibition. I was led to a back room and there it was.

Thomas Grono’s model ship

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Returning to Miss Carey’s Reserve


Fifty years ago a little parkland reserve was officially named by the North Sydney Council after its creator, Miss Gladys Carey. It has been a couple of years since I last visited this special place near Careening Cove.

I had been invited by a group of  walkers from the Blue Mountains to come and share some of Miss Carey’s story with them. I arrived earlier to walk around the reserve and the neighbouring Milson Park which I had also planned to mention in my informal talk. These areas are places of my childhood, still rich in memories.

McDougall Street, which borders one side of Milson Park, was alive with activity. The purple blossom clouds of the Jacaranda trees that line this street were attracting a continuous flow of people with their  cameras.

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