What Do You Know?

Christmas is fast approaching. This will be my younger granddaughter’s first Christmas. She is nearly walking and I’d say by Christmas there’s a fair chance she’ll be up and running. I guess her sister Eloise will have to arrive at the Christmas tree faster this year to see what the jolly, old fellow has left. I reckon if Caitlin was talking as well by then, her first word would have to be “mine”. Watch out, Eloise!

What Do You Know?

Oh, dear, what do you know?
Young Caitlin’s about to get up and go
On her two, little legs, she’s ready to walk
Why, very soon she could even talk!
She’ll be into everything, I kid you not
And telling us all just what is what!

Happy Birthday, Kellyanne

The temperature and the humidity are starting to climb and that lazy summer hum is in the air. At the moment there are no obvious signs or sounds of cicadas this year. Boisterous cockatoos have been having a field day ransacking the peach tree. The familiar rufous red glow of the Christmas bush in the front yard is starting to flash in the glare of the sunlight. The bees are busy in the grevilleas. The fragile, bell-shaped flowers of the jacaranda carpet the grass and paving with an intricate, purple design.

The remaining jacaranda flowers hang high in the trees as if ready to chime in the coming new season. Cockatoos constantly fly past the back window with their chalk-on-school-board screeches.

During the day a whip bird can often be heard in the valley, as if saying, “Wh-where’s … K-e-l-l-y?”

To Kellyanne,
Wishing you a wonderful birthday way over in snowy Canada.
Hugs and kisses,
love Dad