Bailed Up At Mogareeka

Mogareeka Inlet is on the northern end of Tathra Beach, on the far south coast of New South Wales. At lunch time last Saturday, we spent a quiet time sitting in neighbouring parkland eating freshly grilled fish. The sea and sky endlessly filled our uninterrupted, easterly view and a gentle sea breeze blew.

I commented that no visitors of the feathered variety had muscled into our space. Silly me! No sooner said than we were under attack. As we ate, two brightly coloured lorikeets literally tried to take the food from our hands, pushing and nudging us with their beaks.

Bailed Up At Mogareeka

The fish, fresh grilled
A lunch time treat
We watched the sea
From picnic seat.

Then from the sky
A dapper pair
Demanded that
Our food we share.

These young John Gilberts
Flashy dressed
Thought their antics
Would impress.

A noise nearby
Away they flew
No mug shots
For the Boys in Blue.

The Pelicans of Kianinny Bay

I visited Kianinny Bay at Tathra on the far south coast of NSW. This sheltered, picturesque little bay is a favourite spot for fishermen to launch their boats.

While there with my granddaughter, three pelicans took an interest in us. They seemed to like our company. So I got a chance to take some photos highlighting their reflections in the water and the different colours of the bay.

Hidden from the the open waters behind small rocky islands, Kianinny Bay always reminds me of what I imagine the typical smugglers’ cove would look like. There’s even a secret cave there.